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43 Student Accommodations in Nottingham



Nottingham, NG1 5ND
0.3 miles away
arrow 6 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  On Site Maintenance  Bus Links  Maintenance  Content Insurance  Kitchen cleans  Social Calendar  Flexible payment terms

From £191/ per week

iQ Signal Place

Nottingham, NG2 1NE
0.7 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Outdoor area  Library/Study Area  Cinema  All Bills Included  Maintenance

From £184/ per week

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Deakins Place

Nottingham, NG7 3FT
1.0 miles away
arrow 4 Offers  Wifi  Laundry  Gym  Cinema  Content Insurance  On-site Team  24 hour support  Support Staff

From £179/ per week

York House Nottingham

Nottingham, NG1 3FS
0.6 miles away
arrow 6 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Car Parking  Onsite Security  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Cinema  Content Insurance  Games room

From £169/ per week

Trinity Square

Nottingham, NG1 4BR
0.4 miles away
arrow 3 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Common Room  Laundry  On Site Maintenance  Outdoor area  Bus Links  Maintenance  Content Insurance  Kitchen cleans  Social Calendar

From £162/ per week

Nottingham Two

Nottingham, NG73LP
1.0 miles away
arrow 5 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  Car Parking  Common Room  Laundry  Gym  Kitchen  Satellite/Cable TV  Outdoor area  Maintenance  Content Insurance

From £155/ per week

Straits Village

Nottingham, NG1 3NG
0.6 miles away
arrow 3 Offers  Wifi  CCTV  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Vending Machine  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Satellite/Cable TV  On Site Maintenance  Cinema

From £150/ per week


Nottingham, NG1 1FG
0.7 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  CCTV  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  Gym  Pool Table  All Bills Included  Maintenance  Content Insurance  Walk to uni

From £150/ per week

Crown Place Nottingham

Nottingham, NG3 1ED
0.7 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Cinema  All Bills Included  Content Insurance

From £174/ per week

Talbot Street

Nottingham, NG1 5GN
0.1 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  CCTV  Common Room  Laundry  Cinema  All Bills Included  Parcel receipt  Private study room  Cleaning Service Included  24 hour support  Study Zone

From £215/ per week

The Vantage

Nottingham, NG2 1NE
0.7 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Common Room  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  En-suite  Gym  Pool Table  Satellite/Cable TV

From £194/ per week


Nottingham, NG1 5HD
0.1 miles away
arrow 1 Offers  Wifi  Bike Storage  CCTV  Onsite Security  Secure Door Entry  Laundry  Gym  On Site Maintenance  Cinema  All Bills Included  Karaoke Room

From £189/ per week

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are living in times of uncertainty, which pushes us to make situation-based decisions. In case of a cancellation on your student accommodation Nottingham, it would depend from property to property as it is dealt with on a case by case basis. However, we will do our best to avoid any inconvenience on your end.

Nottingham is a student-friendly city, so all the places here are good for student living. Student accommodation Nottingham at Best Student Halls are present close to the local universities, to make life easier for students. In Nottingham, Huntingdon Street, Station Street and Talbot Street are amongst the student favourite places to live in. You can book your student rooms in Nottingham with Best Student Halls and get to experience everything the city has to offer.

Booking your Nottingham student accommodation 6 months prior to moving in is considered ideal. It is advisable to book your student housing in Nottingham as early as you can to avail of our early bird discounts. Usually, the best rooms are the fastest to sell out. So, if you want your student accommodation in Nottingham to match your taste, hurry up! Depending on the availability, you can also book it at the last minute, but it’s a gamble.

Starting from September 2023, the length of standard contracts of student accommodation Nottingham would be 44-51 weeks.

It’s always nice to have a look at the property you’re going to be moving into. Most student accommodation Nottingham allow video viewing of the rooms. A VR tour of your Nottingham student accommodation will help you get a better idea of where you’re going to be living.