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Booking Questions

Q. How do I book a room?

A. Simply search and compare the student halls on our website. When you find a student room that best suits your needs and budget, just select ‘Make a Booking’. Fill out the application form and an expert from BestStudentHalls.com will be in touch to assist you throughout the remainder of the booking process.

Q. Do I need to be a student?

A. Yes, only full-time students can live in most properties.


Q. Can I live with friends? 

A. Of course! Please just ask email or call to ask us about group bookings. Please also include your friends’ names when you fill out the room application form.


Q. Can I select my room?

A. Yes, on the property pages you will be able to see the rooms available, room information, the number of weeks you can book for and the price it will cost. Select ‘Make a Booking’ for the room that best suits your needs and budget. We will be in touch to confirm that room’s availability.


Q. Can I arrange a tour of the property before I book?

A. Yes! Contact our booking experts via LiveChat, email or telephone and they will arrange a property viewing for you.


Q. What is a guarantor? Will I need one?

A.  A guarantor is a third party (often a parent or family member) who will co-sign the rental agreement and agree to pay your rent if you do not.

You will not need a guarantor if you pay your yearly rent as one single payment before moving in.

The accommodation provider will ask for your guarantor information if your chosen property requires one and you are paying in installments.


Fees and Payments

Q. Do BestStudentHalls.com take a service fee?

A. No. We do not charge a fee for helping your find your perfect student room.


Q. What does my rent include?

A. Your rent gives you the right to live in that student property for the agreed number of weeks and use any facilities that are included. Most of the properties are ‘bills included’ meaning the utilities (gas, water, electricity, TV, Wifi) are in the price.


Q. How do I pay the rental fees?

A. You will pay the rent directly to the accommodation provider. You can pay this in one single payment prior to moving in or in installments. The accommodation providers will take credit card, direct debit or bank transfer.


Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes. Upon receiving your room confirmation you will pay the deposit directly to the accommodation provider. Deposits start from around £100.

After your deposit payment is made, the accommodation provider will finalise the tenancy agreement and rental payments with you.


Availability and Pricing


Q. Can I choose a move in and move out date?

A. Most properties have fixed move-in and move-out dates. Please speak to a booking expert for more information.


Q. Can I apply for a summer stay?

A. Yes! Some properties offer summer stays. Please speak to a booking expert for more information.


Q. Why do some properties have different room prices?

A. Rooms are priced different to offer something for everyone’s budgets. Rooms vary in price depending on location, size of the room and the number of weeks it is available.


Cancellation Policy


Q. Can I cancel my booking after I pay my deposit?

A. Yes. However, please speak to one of our booking experts about the cancellation policy for that specific property.


Q. What happens if I cancel a booking?

A. Every property has a different cancellation policy. Please speak to one of our booking experts for assistance.