The Best Student Accommodation in Nottingham that Every Student Should Check Out!

Nottingham is a beautiful city nestled in the East Midlands region of England, 128 miles north of the capital city of London. The city is known as a part of the legend of Robinhood and as an important centre for the manufacture of lace, tobacco and cycles.

Best Sightseeing Places for Students in London

Talk about cities that are renowned for education and London happens to be the first one that pops into everybody's mind. London is a dream city for students from all over the world.

Finding the Right Accommodation in Manchester as A Travelling Student

If you are planning to move to Manchester from another city or country for your higher education, then we would like to congratulate you on your excellent choice!

All You Need to Know About London Before You Move to The City!

London is not just a city, it is a whole experience and we are sure that if you go prepared, you will be able to enjoy it more thoroughly than otherwise. Either way, whether you are planning on spending a few days in London or have decided to make it your home, you are in for a pleasant adventure and the experience of a lifetime! If you are a student gearing up to move to London in the near future, the following are a few of the tips that will sail you through your transition!

Struggling to find an internship? Don't panic!


Finding an internship is challenging, especially when you are trying to find an internship alongside your studies. I know from experience; I was in your position this time last year! In this article, we will look at ways to help you find an internship. 


These 10 Life Hacks are A Blessing For University Students


Here are 10 life hacks that will come in handy when you’re studying at university!


What are the Questions you Need to Ask During a Viewing!


Finding the best student accommodation in the UK can seem like an intimidating task. After all, you are competing with hundreds of thousands of students who come to the UK every year in search of quality education and we are not even considering the local students yet! The best student halls, dormitories and apartments have the tendency to get booked very early; that is why it is advisable that you do not waste time and ask the right questions to make a timely decision. Following is a list of all the questions you need to ask and how they can help you:

Five of London's Best Student Neighborhoods and Accommodation


London welcomes students from all across the world with open arms! In this city, you will find faces from all across the globe who come here in search of a better life, education or simply as tourists. Since students make up a considerable percentage of the total city population, you will find thousands of student accommodation in London. Searching for the right one for you can be a time-consuming task. Therefore, we have narrowed it down to the top student accommodation in five of the best neighbourhoods of the city. 

Why You Should Do an Internship


This year, I am undertaking a placement year in Amsterdam as part of my International Business and Management degree, I am working as an Online Marketing Intern. When selecting my degree, I knew I was required to participate in a year in industry, and that is one of the main reasons I decided on this degree.

Students Going Abroad - United Kingdom Facts and Figures


If you are an international student about to start a new leg of your journey in the United Kingdom, we are very excited for you! The UK has been a hub for students from across the world and for good reason! Here is a list of few things that you might want to know about the country before you pack your bags!

COVID-19 and Student Accommodation : Everything You Need to Know


Get the Information about the COVID 19 and Student Accommodation from the Best Student Halls.

Covid 19 & University - My Experience


COVID-19 has constrained us all to rethink how we conveyance a connecting with and all-engaging learning experience for students.


Choose Between the Most Popular Student Accommodation in Liverpool


Liverpool is by far one of the most loved student cities in the United Kingdom, which is home to four universities attracting roughly 70,000 students each year. It is known that Liverpool is affordable for students therefore at Best Student Halls we deliver cheap Student Accommodation, bills included and guaranteeing the best service We understand that moving to a city in which you don’t know anyone or anything can be nerve-racking, nevertheless, Best Student Halls is here to make you feel welcome and at home in every way possible at our eight most popular Student Accommodation in Liverpool.



The time has come for you to move away from home, start university and choose the student accommodation UK that suits you. 

Luxury Student Accommodation London

The Most Luxury Student Accommodation London


A review of the best London Studios including student pads, en-suites for Students you can find.
This is a review of the Luxury student accommodation in London highlighting the benefits of each halls and comparing their features and additional luxuries.

Best Northumbria University Private Student Accommodation 2016


Find out about the newest and best private student accommodation close to Northumbria (and Newcastle) University in 2016! 

Ten Things You Should Know Before Moving Into Student Accommodation


Moving into your student accommodation is a fun and exciting time in your life. To help you along the way, here are the top 10 things students wish they knew before moving into student accommodation.

Best Student Accommodation in Edinburgh 2016


If you are studying at Edinburgh University or Edinburgh Napier in September 2016, you might want to check out what we believe to be the best student accommodation available in Edinburgh. 




Why Newcastle Student Accommodation is so much better than it used to be


Long gone are the days that all Northumbria University and Newcastle University students live in private houses in Jesmond, Heaton and Sandyford.  

Best Newcastle Student Accommodation 2016


Will you be studying at Newcastle University or Northumbria University in September 2016?

If so, you might want to check out what we believe to be the best student accommodation available in Newcastle in 2016.

My Student Essentials


Moving to the UK for University?

Don't know what to take to University? We know that it can be a difficult time in terms of planning and worry about everything to bring. 

6 Last Minute Revision Tips For The January Exams That Really Do Work


The delightful blur of Christmas and New Year becomes rather less charming come January, when the exams suddenly arrive.

6 Ways University Has Changed Your Friends From Home



The September term does peculiar things to people.

It’s only been a term and yet, as friends reunite for Christmas holidays, something strange happens: