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Living Like A Local in London
20th May, 2022

Living Like A Local in London

Places to Visit in London
London has a wealth of attractions and things to do that will ensure that you don’t have one boring day here. From the Big Ben, to the London Eye, there is so much to explore here. No matter what you like doing in your free time, London will offer it all. Did you know that London has plenty of green spaces and parks, helping you stay close to nature. With the abundance of nature around you, you will be able to have picnics as often as you would like. If you’re a food lover, London is your haven. All the cuisines and the dishes in the world that you can imagine will be available to you here. So, you can eat your hearts out. For students on a budget, there are plenty of cheap eats that serve quality food throughout the city. If you consider yourself to be a bit of an adventure junkie, the theme parks in London will make you very happy. Visiting these also make a great idea for a day out. If your student halls London is located in the city center or close to it, you will find it easier to visit the major attractions and stay close to the student hangout spots in the city.

Shopping in London
As a student, you may want to learn about the best places to shop in a city that you’re living in, without spending too much money. London is one of the best places on earth to live in for a shopaholic. There’s everything you can imagine and more available in London. From independent shops, to boutiques, to retail stores and high end brands, London has them all. If you’re looking to shop on a budget, thrift or vintage stores are your best bet. In London, Oxford Street, Regent Street, King’s Road and Covent Garden are amongst the best places to shop at. For groceries and other household items, we suggest visiting your local markets. Since each of them are unique in terms of their offerings, you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

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Getting Around London
Now, London, being one of the most popular cities in the world, can be a little intimidating at first. But, it gets easier with time. The most popular and convenient way to get around London is using ‘The Tube’. This is London’s underground urban subway system that is one of the best of its kind in the world. It’s easy to navigate your way though the Tube, however getting a hang of the different lines will be of great help. Ensure that your student accommodation London has good transport links, to help you save up on time.

London is an interesting city to live in, being a melting pot of cultures, traditions and more, there is so much to explore. So, putting on a good pair of walking shoes and covering the city on foot is also a very rewarding experience. Not only will it help you familiarize yourself better with the city streets, you will also have the liberty to stop and witness the beautiful sights that come along the way. One piece of advice from us would be to carry along with you rain protective gear, to dodge the unpredictable London weather!
Here are all the ways you can live like a local and make life easier for yourself in London!
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