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University of Bath - A Detailed Study of Its History, Courses, and Application Process
23rd May, 2024

University of Bath - A Detailed Study of Its History, Courses, and Application Process

University of Bath is ranked highly among UK universities in all national competitive rankings. The University has an exceptional standard of teaching that has helped over 19,000 students. Dr. Douglas G. Smith is one of these famous former students. Bath University has an overall ranking of 148 out of 1,499 universities globally in the QS World University Rankings 2024. University of Bath aims to produce graduates who are excellent researchers, educators and leaders with a desire to apply their knowledge into research, collaboration and influence for the betterment of humanity.
In May 2022, more than a whopping 90% of the research from the University of Bath submitted to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 had been deemed either “world leading” or “internationally excellent”: these two being the highest awards.

Despite being a campus university, there is an array of transport options to and from town including regular buses all day. So, whether you enjoy strolling through classical Regency architecture and green gardens; window shopping in trendy cafes or even rocking popular bars, there is something for everyone in this city.

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Starting as a school in 1595, the university became Bristol Technical School in 1856. Initially named Merchants’ Venturers College, it later turned into Society of Merchant Venturers in 1885. A pharmacy school in Bath, which opened in 1907, merged with the Technical College in 1929.

In 1949, Bristol Education Authority acquired the institution and renamed it Bristol institution of Technology, before rebranding it to Bristol College of Science and Technology in 1960. It eventually became one of eleven technical colleges under the Ministry of Education.

The college mostly occupied what was once Muller's Orphanage at Ashley Down; part of which is still used by City of Bristol College while other portions have been converted into accommodations. The Robbins Report (1963) played a key role in renaming this college to Bath University of Technology among several others.

Colleges and schools under the University of Bath:

Top courses offered by Bath University:

Your preferences and career goals are covered by the University of Bath’s varied undergraduate degrees in fields like engineering, humanities, management, science or social science. Similarly, Bath has a range of taught postgraduate degrees available as either full-time, part-time or distance learning courses. A Master's degree lets you concentrate your studies on a specific area that you are passionate about or wish to specialize in after graduation; it can also be pursued instead of a related subject for greater benefits.

Working with industry organisations; universities and doctoral training centres allow students to work together. On the other hand, studying for a research degree at Bath is an exciting journey into a dynamic and diverse community.
Here are some of the courses that the University of Bath offers:

  • Social Sciences
  • Business & Management
  • Journalism & Media
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Humanities
  • Medicine & Health
  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
  • Arts, Design & Architecture
  • Education & Training
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports
  • Applied Sciences & Professions

Admission Requirements:

International applicants must possess proficiency in the English language. These qualifications enable students to not only understand, but also thrive in their respective courses. 

Different groups within a university department have different English requirements which are classed in four categories A,B,C and D. The University of Bath does not have strict requirements:
  • IELTS-The least grade should be 6.5 with none of the units dropping below 6.0
  • TOEFL iBT-The least score is 90 without any part scoring below 21

The University of Bath also accepts other language tests, and applicants must have an equivalent. Examinations must be taken within 24 to 30 months prior to the start date of the proposed course. Since requirements are subject-based, international students are encouraged to look at the content of the specific courses in which they are interested.

How to apply:

To apply to the University of Bath, you need to submit an application through UCAS. It should have a personal statement, a letter of recommendation from your teacher, an English proficiency test result such as IELTS, your forecast results (or grades already obtained), and contact details and past employments. You should also check out the University of Bath's website's Applying for Undergraduate Courses and Applying for Taught PostGraduate Courses pages.

Fees Structure:

The University has an excellent standard of education and experienced lecturers, yet the fee structure is rather affordable. Undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses fees come between £20,000 and £37,500. It costs around £60 to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Bath university. On the other hand, PhD courses are priced from £10,000 up to £27,000.

Scholarships by University: 

The University of Bath offers scholarships to international students. They are merely discounts given by the university in the form of financial aid. You can always visit the website for scholarship criteria. All in all, it is a department that is based majorly on effort or necessity. Descriptions for a handful of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships are given below.

Chancellor's Scholarship

Tuition waivers worth up to 2,000 GBP are available to first-year international students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Global Leaders Scholarship

A GBP 5,000 grant is awarded to international master’s degree students who demonstrate exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. The award includes tuition waiver, therefore, recipients must also showcase their leadership skills.

Winning Women in Technology Scholarship

Ten female students who are selected for J.P. Morgan’s engineering department as software engineers are given this scholarship to facilitate their internships. It costs GBP 3,000 for each academic year for three years (excluding the placement year).

Deans Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship

An international student who qualifies for the scholarship can apply. It is designed to provide such students with up to £5,000 towards their master’s degrees that they are taking at the university. Individuals interested in getting this award must have outstanding academic records and a strong sense of success.

International Baccalaureate 50th Anniversary Scholarship

First-year international students who perform outstandingly well in IB are eligible for tuition fee waivers of up to £8,000.

Student Accommodation

Best Student Halls provides student accommodation in Bath. International students can find well-designed and cosy accommodations with Best Student Halls, both on campus and in the city. A variety of housing alternatives, including accommodations for students with disabilities and medical issues, are available to fit different budgets and lifestyles. A number of rooms surround the common kitchen and dining facilities. Students can select from regular, big, or en suite rooms, as well as mixed and single-sex kitchen groups. Every resident can get help or direction from the university's student living staff. The following is a list of Bath student housing alternatives that are close to the University of Bath:

There are plenty of different locations that can accommodate your needs and budget. To learn more about each accommodation option close to The University of Bath, visit Best Student Halls and make your reservation right away.

Top company placements:

The University of Bath has industry links to Rolls-Royce, Unilever, Pfizer, Cancer Research UK, and L'Oreal. Placements come as a refreshing change from the everyday grind for students, offering useful work experience that helps you stand out. This elevates your chances of finding employment after graduation, with a few placement employers even offering full-time employment. Another benefit involves practical work experience that works in favour in terms of determining career path after graduation. 
You can find out more about their placements here.


Studying at the University of Bath surely opens doors for students, as employers actively seek university graduates. Students who want to study in the UK have many reasons to apply to the University of Bath. Excellent facilities at the university attract international students through strong assistance and support. You can always check out the top local tourist spots in Bath

If you need help with your university application, Uscholars’s experienced subject coaches, and application specialists are always available. We are here to support you on your learning journey, be it the University of Bath or any other institution.
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