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On-Campus VS Off-Campus: The International Student Dilemma
12th Sep, 2023

On-Campus VS Off-Campus: The International Student Dilemma

When you plan to study in a foreign country and have received your admit letter, your priority is securing your accommodation. This can be daunting and time-consuming as there is so much to choose from. There are several reputed student rooms in Glasgow. You will find yourself in a fix.

Several people look out for on-campus accommodation while others only want to be off-campus. Student accommodation in Glasgow tends to get sold out fast and hence you need to be alert and quick in getting your secured.

There are several reasons to choose on-campus accommodation. There are certain benefits to having off-campus accommodation too. Our team has listed out a few points to help you compare better and make a conscious decision.

Positives of On-campus Accommodation

 On-campus accommodation has generally been considered convenient and easy. Especially, to freshmen and the first years as it gives them ample amount of time to adjust to their new surroundings.

Convenient Accessibility:

When you decide to live on campus, you will be right in the middle of everything. This means that you will have easy access to all the facilities available to students at the university. These facilities include a gym, student library, dining hall, and classrooms. You will save loads of time and money as you will not have to commute long distances daily. Having access to food in the dining halls means you won't have to stock up on groceries and cook for yourself, it will also help you save time.

Social Life:

As mentioned earlier, you will be at the center of everything that is happening at the university. You will have an abundance of exposure to a nexus of students. You will have the chance to make friends and network with people from all over the world. This will positively impact your social life as you are away from home.


Most of the universities in the UK follow a set guideline in terms of security for students. All the campuses are fully secure and have a team of security members available at all times. This works as an added layer of security for students. Only students with a valid ID can enter the premises and the living quarters.

Benefits of Living Off-campus

Several benefits can be pointed out. However, it all depends from person to person. It depends on what your priorities are as a student. There is an abundance of off-campus student accommodation in Glasgow.

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When you live off-campus you will be more independent than ever. You are not bound by any rules and regulations set up by your university. You will be exposed to many more individuals and understand how you should navigate through your life. You will have the chance to understand the local culture and community beyond your university walls.

Massive Availability:

There are several student accommodation in Glasgow to choose from. You will not run out of choices and options. On-campus accommodation has a limited number of rooms available. Off-campus student rooms in Glasgow have loads of availability and choices.


If you choose privacy over a crowded college dorm, then off-campus is the right option for you. On-campus you will have several distractions due to the number of people around you with several ideas. At your accommodation which is off campus, you can select how you wish to use your time and energy. It will be a very personal experience.


The final choice is eventually yours, you need to decide what you want to prioritize the most. We recommend you value three factors such as cost, comfort, and convenience while making your decision.

Our team at Best Student Halls is dedicated to helping you find the most affordable and convenient student accommodation in Glasgow. You can reach out to our team to learn more about the booking process and avail the latest offers!

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