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My Student Essentials
11th Jan, 2016

My Student Essentials

My Student Essentials

Moving to the UK for University?

Don't know what to take to University? We know that it can be a difficult time in terms of planning and worry about everything to bring. 

Cooking great food for yourself and others and getting a comfy night’s sleep are important at University in our humble opinion, now you will have the perfect items to do so;

We’ve created packages of kitchen and bedrooms items to make your move to the UK easier, our bedding and kitchen packs take the stress and hassle out of moving to any University in the UK. 

We deliver these packages on the day you move in directly to your University, heavy items such as duvets and cooking utensils are simply too heavy to bring from home so it makes sense to have them delivered directly to you.

We know that there are about 30 items you will need for your bedroom and kitchen at University, so instead of shopping individually for each get your My Student Essentials Package instead :) 


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