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Budget Bites: Affordable Dining Options for Students in Liverpool
12th Oct, 2023

Budget Bites: Affordable Dining Options for Students in Liverpool

No matter what your taste is, if you are looking forward to the food scene in Liverpool you are surely in for a treat. You will find spots that serve great breakfasts to cozy dinners all over the city.

Your hunger pangs will be satisfied as there is every cuisine available that you can think of.

Our team has come up with a concise list of options that will help you have a scrumptious food experience in the city.

Down The Hatch

If you are looking for a cozy and warm dining experience this is the right spot for you. It is also close to most of the student accommodation in Liverpool. It is a vegan restaurant with plenty of options that will make your tummy want more. You can get a pretty good burger along with some fries for £ 14.50.

Moose Coffee

Are you a firm believer that breakfast a day keeps the hunger pangs away? This is your go-to spot! This place offers breakfast all along the day and it will also be easy on your pockets. You can expect to have pancakes, an American breakfast spread, and some lip-smacking sandwiches here. They have a student favourite breakfast option which is known as the Mighty Moose breakfast and it costs only £11.


As mentioned earlier, you will find every cuisine that comes to your mind in Liverpool. Are you looking for some amazing and authentic sushi in the city of Liverpool? Welcome to Kokoro, a Japanese cuisine restaurant that serves some of the best sushi in all of Liverpool. You can find sushi rolls bento boxes and much more here. The location is not too far away from you if you decide to stay at a student accommodation in Liverpool.


Craving for a Middle Eastern evening with your friends? Visit Bakchich and it won't disappoint you. The restaurant is situated at Bold Street right in the heart of the city. Most student rooms in Liverpool are close to this location and you can get there easily. You should go for the lamb shawarma platter here as it is one of their best options, it will only cost you £12. the best part is they also offer vegan and vegetarian options.

The Font

Are you in for a quirky food experience? If yes, then The Font is a great spot where you can hang out with your friends. You can find great cheap eats here and a very chill and relaxed atmosphere. The space offers cocktails for £2.50 which is a huge attraction to several students in the city. The space has game machines as well, it can serve as a perfect spot for a chill weekend.

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The Monro

Being in a wonderful city like Liverpool calls for an English Pub experience. We encourage you to visit The Monro which is a great pub with a contemporary Greek kitchen. You should try out their Meze Meal Deal which comes with 3 Meze and a free alcoholic drink, the best part is that it is for just £14.95. On days when you do not want to get out of your student accommodation in Liverpool, you can just order in.

La Parrialla Mexican Tapas Bar & Grill

Who does not love Mexican food? If you are looking for a true and well-worthy Mexican cuisine experience, then this is the place for you. You will have the option of getting 3 small plates or 3 large plates at the prices of £12.95 or £15.95. You can also have a few chilled beers here and spend a great afternoon with your friends.

Spice Thai

Thai street food but with great quality? Yes, this is exactly what Spice Thai has on offer. You can experience some of the best Thai dishes at this restaurant. They have a range of Thai options that are spicy and scrumptious, they can tone down the spice if that is what you are worried about. The Pad Thai with stir-fried rice noodles, red onions, spring onions, beansprouts, eggs, and carrots tastes amazing and is just £11.95.

We hope the above list has served justice to discovering great dining options in Liverpool. You are assured of having a great time along with your friends in the city. You can always plan an exciting evening with your friends from your student rooms in Liverpool and visit some of the above spots.

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