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Best Fast Food Restaurants in the UK: An affordable overview
5th Apr, 2024

Best Fast Food Restaurants in the UK: An affordable overview

1. Leon

Location: London WC2R CODE

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Website: What we do - LEON

Mediterranean cuisine is a bomb of flavours. Leon is a restaurant in London that serves authentic Mediterranean food which is not necessarily as unhealthy as expected. With the healthiest dressings and wraps Mediterranean delicacies surpass the unhealthy food taste. 

Some of the most popular dishes are meatballs, potato falafel and baked fries.

2. Nando’s

Location: Wembley HA9 0FD

Cuisine: South African

Website: Nando's | PERi-PERi Chicken (nandos.co.uk)

Nando’s is famous for various and all the right reasons. The peri-peri chicken holds the top rank among those. Nando’s is also known for its funny and political adverts. This famous place has stretched its branches all over the UK and other places offer an exquisite ambience and revolutionised fast food range which includes: Peri peri chicken, Hot wings, Chicken burgers and other options including some vegan options with vibrant flavours.


Location: Tamworth B78 3JD

Cuisine: British and European

Website: Greggs

What do you imagine when you imagine a good cup of tea? A sandwich? Sausage roll or a muffin or a couple of cookies maybe? Well in that case Greggs is a perfect choice for you! 

Greggs offers bakery items like doughnuts, cookies, muffins, and a wide variety of bakery goodies. They have other offerings based on allergic or veganism approaches for their customers.

4. Jollibee

Location: London WC2H7LE

Cuisine: Filipino

Website: Jollibee UK

Jollibee is a very popular fast food restaurant in the Philippines which is now popular in the UK as well. Jollibee serves some of the finest American cuisine with a predominant blend of Filipino flavours. The beauty of Jollibee is much more than the variety it serves but the taste it offers.
You can taste the essence of Filipino cuisine through chicken burgers, jolly spaghetti, mango pie and a prolonged list.

5. Wagamama

Location: London WC2E9HP

Cuisine: Japanese

Website: wagamama bolton

While the UK is already experiencing the beauty of various cuisines and their authentic flavours. Wagamma is rising as a Japanese restaurant in the UK catering to authentic flavours right from Japan to your platter. The place has a captivating ambience with some amazing Japanese dishes like Ramen, Donburi Sushi, Gyoza, Katsu Curry and a prolonged list of plant-based meals like Yasai phad thai, Yasai Soba, and many others.

Taste the excellence of culinary art and the essence of Asian cuisines in the UK at Wagamama.

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6. Mc Donald’s

Location: 34/35 Strand, London WC2N5HY

Cuisine: American Fast Food 

Website: McDonald’s UK (mcdonalds.com)

There might hardly exist people who have no idea about McDonald’s. Known for its wide range of fast food, the well-known fact about McDonald’s is its consistency over the years since 1974. McDonald’s is spread all over the world which is the main reason why it can be an ideal choice for you as it is easily accessible with flavour bombs.

You can try beverages and the yummiest burgers, fries, and others. You can never go wrong with McDonald’s, so when in doubt you can always McDonald’s.

7. Harry Ramsden’s

Location: Bournemouth BH12EZ

Cuisine: English

Website: Home | Harry Ramsden's (harryramsdens.co.uk)

Harry Ramsden’s is a famous fast-food British restaurant. The place offers some of the finest comfort English meals like fish and chips. 

You can dine in or take away some of the yummiest food to grab a bite on. This may be mouthwatering burgers, yummy grilled chicken, juicy tender chicken wings or vegan options like vegan sausage, Caesar salads, beverages and others. 

Anytime when you crave an easy and fast English meal then Harry Ramsden’s is the right choice.

8. Tortilla Mexican Grill

Location: London W1W8AF

Cuisine: Mexican

Website: Leeds | Tortilla

The streets of the UK offer you a taste of the world which includes Indian, British, Asian and Mexican as well. You can experience the flavour of Mexico in Californian style. 

You get a wide range of vegan and non-vegan options at Tortilla Mexican Grill which includes tacos, salsas, salads, grilled chicken burritos, barbecue beef burritos and others. So if you are craving for something different or Mexican then you probably need Tortilla Mexican Grill.

9. Subway

Location: Unit 10, London WC2N4HZ

Cuisine: American fast food

Website: Subway® Restaurants - Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps & More | SUBWAY at 3 Adelaide Street London EN

One of the best fast-food joints in the UK, Subway is very popular all over the world. They offer an ample range of healthy options that you can take a bite of based on your choice. You can customise your food experience and grab a decent range of salads.

There is hardly anyone or any part of the world that is unaware of Subway. Sub offers a menu based on the region and locality of the place.

10. Shake Shack

Location: London SW1E5LB 

Cuisine: American

Website: Shake Shack UK | Official UK Site | Delicious Burgers & Shakes

Shake Shack is one of the finest and first fast-food restaurants in the UK. The place offers the best burgers in the UK. You can eat gourmet burgers, crinkle fries and other vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

You can have a bite of burgers, chicken, hot dogs, shakes, frozen custard and many other delicacies that you can enjoy.

Fast food is an ideal choice for many when you are in a rush or craving for something that is an absolute delight to your taste buds. The streets of the UK have a lot to do with adding these flavours into the lives of people living there. The vibrance of this place accommodates various flavours and cuisine tapestry from all over the world. 

You can taste the essence of the world like Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean and others taking into consideration the idea of veganism which is a total hit for people living and staying abroad especially people from different nationalities. The UK is a hot spot for students seeking education abroad. Fast food places like such which serve vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other delicious options can easily find their way out to visit the mentioned restaurants in the UK. Well, if you are a student who is looking for dining options like fancy restaurants in London, UK or top cafes in London, UK you can find a decent range in the UK. Besides, if you are a student and looking for the right accommodation in the UK the Best Students Halls can offer you the best.

        Frequently asked questions:

Do fast food restaurants in the UK offer anything healthy?

Fast food restaurants in the UK understand customer concerns and thus have curated menus that serve vegan, allergy-friendly and healthy options. You can order grilled chicken sandwiches, salads and others.

Do fast food restaurants in the UK offer vegan food?

Based on the popularity of “veganism” the popular fast food restaurant in the UK accommodates a wide range of healthy, plant-based food in their menu.

Do the fast food restaurants in the UK maintain safety and hygiene?

Well, offering good food with top-notch quality is the main objective of any restaurant. The mentioned places and others take hygiene very seriously and thus ensure cleanliness in their daily practices.

Which is the most popular fast food in the UK?

Burgers, fish and chips, and chicken are some of the most popular fast foods that people in the UK like to enjoy.

What are the most famous and publicly acclaimed fast-food restaurants in the UK?

The British population have highly recognised Greggs. McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food choices for people in the UK.

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