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Top 10 Self-Made Millionaires in the UK
24th Apr, 2024

Top 10 Self-Made Millionaires in the UK

The United Kingdom’s history is soaked in culture, cultural influences, development and industrialisation. This place has contributed to some significant innovations and businesses that we never knew we needed. These contributors have inspired a lot of students and people residing all over the world to innovate and start their journey. The UK has contributed self-made billionaires and millionaires that will inspire you to grow and kickstart your academic journey in the UK.

If you ask about how many millionaires there are in the United Kingdom, then the count is nearly 2,849 millionaires for 2024. But one of the main factors that matters for anyone to be successful is a good academic career choice. 

Many millionaires in the UK have completed their education at some good universities and pursued one of the toughest courses in the world, and it has been really helpful in their professional career path. 

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Let us look into the lives of these industrial titans, their educational foundations, and the business empires they have built.

Top 10 Millionaires in the UK and Their Paths to Success

Let’s check out the top 10 millionaires in the UK based on their net worth, business industry education, and life journey.

Infographics: If we can find all the millionaires' photos and then their photos and their net worth.

  1. Sir James Dyson

  • Networth: Estimated at £16.2 billion  
  • Education: Attended Gresham's School
  • University: Attended the Royal College of Art

James Dyson, a renowned self-made millionaire in the UK starting his career venture by inventing bagless vacuum cleaner and household appliances. These products uplifted his market journey and he founded Dyson Limited. This venture narrates a visionary outlook, anticipation of the market trends, commitment to innovation and problem solving capabilities. All of these factors made him the most eminent, and self-made millionaire in the UK.

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2. Richard Branson

  • Networth: Estimated at £4.5 billion  
  • Education: Attended Stowe School
  • University: No formal higher education

Encompassing over 400 companies in his business project. Richard Branson’s Virgin Group accommodates ample industries hemmed in its range from music to airlines everything. Branson’s first venture began with a magazine called “student.” His success story is all about emerging, learning, trying and eventually standing up as a millionaire in the UK.

3. Sir Philip Green

  • Networth: Estimated at £950 million (2022)
  • Education: Left school at 16
  • University: No formal higher education

Sir Philip Green's rise in the retail industry is notable. Arcadia Group, by Philip Green reflects his business acumen and ability to spot market trends. Despite lacking formal education, his understanding of the sector and knowledge of the forthcoming events helped him to launch his business to a new level. Rectifying and working on his goals made him a successful businessman and a millionaire in the UK.

4. Dame Anita Roddick

  • Networth: Estimated at £110 million (deceased, 2007)
  • Education: Attended Bath High School
  • University: No formal higher education

Dame Anita Roddick paved the way to success via founding his business venture, The Body Shop. His business witnessed activism, consumerism, their problems and how can their product cater to them. The notion behind the products, and commitment to social causes fuel entrepreneurship. Which is why his work left an indelible mark on the society and consumers.

5. Peter Jones

  • Networth: Estimated at £490 million  
  • Education: Attended Windsor Boys' School
  • University: No formal higher education

Known for his role in Dragon's Den, Peter Jones built his fortune through diverse investments and ventures. Peter Jones’ story from no one to a millionaire in the UK embarked with a dedicated assistance, resilience, adaptability and opting for opportunity.

6. Alan Sugar, Baron Sugar

  • Networth: Estimated at £1.2 billion 
  • Education: Left school at 16
  • University: No formal higher education

Alan Sugar's entrepreneurial journey began in electronics, eventually leading to the establishment of Amstrad. His journey carries the essence of harwork and  exemplifies the traditional rags-to-riches narrative, emphasising the significance of hardships, determination, and sharp business insights in achieving success.

7. Mike Ashley

  • Networth: Estimated at £3.5 billion 
  • Education: Attended Burnham Grammar School
  • University: No formal higher education

Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United FC and the founder of Sports Direct, has made a name for himself in the retail sector by taking advantage of chances and going against the grain. His narrative encourages prospective business owners to use their imaginations and take immediate action to achieve their objectives.

8. Duncan Bannatyne

  • Networth: Estimated at £280 million 
  • Education: Attended Lochend Community High School
  • University: No formal higher education

Ducan Bannatyne understood why health was important, this inspired him to choose and delve into the every flourshing business of health clubs. Engaging in the health sector demands a constant engagment of the understanding which he successfully claimed. Moreover a possible perseverance and efforts were the factors that made him a self-made millionaire in the UK.

9. Charlie Mullins

  • Networth: Estimated at £70 million  
  • Education: Left school at 15
  • University: No formal higher education

Despite of a no formal education, Charlie Mullins’ story is an inspiration for students who aspire to become the next Charlie Mullin one day. This self-made millionaire’s journey started with Pimlico Plumbers, and he established a whole empire. This story outlines remarkable commitment, customer service, and desire to stand of from other competition in the industry.

10. Bernie Ecclestone

  • Networth: Estimated at £2.5 billion 
  • Education: Attended Dartford West Central Secondary School
  • University: No formal higher education

Bernie Ecclestone's leadership in Formula One and savvy business deals solidified his status as a self-made millionaire in the UK. Bernie Ecclestone’s journey included passion, and determination which eventually led to unprecedented success in sports and entertainment industries.

How Much Money is Considered Rich in the UK?

Every country has its own rules about being rich, middle-class, or poor. Talking about millionaires in the UK, as per the Times Company UK, you are in the top 10% of earners if your income is £65,000. The top 2% of earners in the country are those who make £100,000 or more. 

Who are the 5 Richest Families in the UK?

As we discussed, the UK has many rich families and is continuously working for their growth. These are the top 5 billionaires in the UK, as per the Sunday Times report.

Top 5 Richest Families in the UK

Rich Families

Net worth (GBP)

Source of wealth

Hinduja family

22 billion

Industry and finance

Jim Ratcliffe

18.2 billion


Leonard Blavatnik

14.4 billion

Investment, music and media

James Dyson and family

12.6 billion

Household goods and technology

Kirsten Rausing and Jorn Rausing

12.3 billion

Inheritance and investment


Building Your British Dream: Partnering with the Right Support System

The story never ends with exploring and knowing about these richest people in the UK, but it’s just a starting point for you to prove yourself and be in these top numbers. The journey is not easy, so don’t even think about giving up; don’t even dream of it. 

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These ten self-made millionaires and billionaires have their own significant journeys, with different narratives yet the same dedication to the academic journey. The path to success has never been easy or direct, you have to manage every hurdle embrace your failures and cherish your mistakes with consistency and dedication. Studying in the UK can lead and provide you with a better path for tomorrow.

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