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Living and Learning in Aberdeen: Factors Making It A Top Destination
7th Oct, 2023

Living and Learning in Aberdeen: Factors Making It A Top Destination

The University of Aberdeen 

The University of Aberdeen is ranked number 1 in all of Scotland. The university has some of the best courses and has top-notch professors. You should look out for student accommodation in Aberdeen that is close to the university to enhance your experience. 

Sporting Extravaganza

If you are someone who loves sports, then this is the place for you. Aberdeen is huge when it comes to sports. From football to golf and rugby, you will find all of it here. The locals in Aberdeen are very fond of their teams and are great supporters of sports. Their fan base is great and you can have a great time with your friends at sporting events. 

Rich Culture 

Aberdeen is very rich in its history and culture. The entire city has a very medieval vibe to it. You can learn all about the rich culture the city has by participating in walking tours and learning more from local guides. You can look for the old-world charm around you even when you are living in a student accommodation in Aberdeen. There are multiple old spots that still have the original architecture. 

Shopping Spree

If you fancy shopping, you are in for a treat. In Aberdeen, you can find a range of shopping options. From high-scale brands to local brands, there is something that will fit everyone's liking. Union Square, Union Street, Bon Accord, and the Trinity Shopping Centre should be on your list. 

Night Life

Aberdeen is known for its great views and vibrant nightlife. Students in Aberdeen can have a great time along with their friends during their downtime. There are great pubs and bars around student halls in Aberdeen. Some of the pubs and bars also offer a student discount on drinks and food, you should make the most of it. Vogue is a great place to experience the 90's vibe, Dusk is a great spot for cocktails. If you are looking for a place specifically for students then RGU Union is the place for you. 

Beautiful Outdoors 

Aberdeen is widely known as the granite city, however, you will be surprised to know that the city has vast open and green spaces. You can always plan a picnic with your friends from university on the weekends.

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The views are breathtaking and you will surely not find such a vibe anywhere else. We encourage you to plan short trips along with your friends from your student halls in Aberdeen and explore every bit of the city. 

Aberdeen International Youth Festival 

The Aberdeen International Youth Festival goes on for 10 long days. If you are someone who is studying theatre or art or just enjoy art you have to be a part of this. This festival takes place in June and is known to host artists under the age of 23. His Majesty's Theatre is where this electrifying festival is hosted. 

Codona's Amusement Park 

This is a must-visit place for any student who is looking to have a wonderful time with their friends. They have mini-golf, ten-pin bowling, and amusement games here. It can be a great change of scene from your busy schedule and help you recharge for the rest of the weeks at uni. If you are living at a student accommodation in Aberdeen then this place should be very close to you as it is just five minutes away from the city center. 

Aberdeen is a great city and is now a melting pot of culture with students from all around the world. You can network and make friends for life. If you are looking to find the best suitable student halls in Aberdeen you can get in touch with our team at Best Student Halls. Our team is dedicated to helping you with everything you need!

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