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Let’s Find the Right Accommodation Type for You

1st Jun, 2022
While there are several types of accommodation that are available in the markets, they may not always be the one that you’re looking for. When you start your accommodation hunt, you may have a list of things that you have in mind that your accommodation must meet. Finding the right accommodation type for you means getting an accommodation that checks all the boxes in your list.

Keep reading below to find out what could probably be the right accommodation type for you:

Private Student Halls

If you’re someone who chases luxury, living in private halls will suit your lifestyle. Although a tad bit more expensive, private halls come packed with all the modern amenities that are needed to live a convenient life. They go all out in providing you the life you would have dreamed of while living abroad. From cinema rooms, to rooftop lounges, to laundry rooms, to entertainment zones and gyms, you will have access to it all when choosing to live at a private student hall. You will also be provided with different accommodation options like shared rooms, studio rooms and ensuite rooms, from which you can choose the best one for yourself.  If you’re looking for student accommodation UK that offers quality stays at affordable rates, look no further than Best Student Halls. These are also located in proximity to the local universities, thus cutting the commute time.

This is one of the most sought-after and essential accommodation types for students. Everyone wants the liberty to be able to sleep in after a late-night party, without worrying about missing that early morning class. You will have a good time making friends from all over the world here. Private halls are also a great platform to make friends from other universities, since students from all the local universities in the city/town choose to make this their home. Also, all the bills are included in the rent, so you don’t have to juggle between bills at the end of the month.

Private Apartment (Independent or shared)

If you truly want to experience what living on your own feels like, there’s nothing better than opting for private apartments. If you want to share the cost, you can also go for shared apartments where you will have your own private room with the kitchen and the common area being shared with the other flatmates. Living in your own flat will give you the independence to live the life you want to, without having to follow any rules. However, you should only choose this if you’re ready to face everything else that comes along with it.
For instance, you will be on your own. So, you will have to sort any problems that come your way, alone. From paying your bills to getting groceries, you will be responsible for it all. So, choose wisely. Also, unlike the others, you will have to be extra careful with the security here. You won’t have the extra security that is provided at student halls, so go for an apartment which is located in a reputed locality. Having your accommodation in proximity to your university means that you can sleep through the time you would otherwise be spending on the commute! Student houses are generally located further away from the university, so you may have to commute a little while everyday.

University Owned Student Halls

This is usually the first choice amongst first year students who are just leaving their house to live independently. This is mainly because it is arranged through their respective universities and is often more affordable when compared to other accommodation options in the UK. Although, the services and amenities that are provided here will not match up to the ones provided at private student halls. You will typically be allotted a room in a shared flat, with the bathroom, kitchen and living space being shared with 4-6 other flatmates. It can also be a fun experience that will help you bond better with your peers. One of the best parts about choosing to live in university halls is that it is situated either on campus or very close to it. Do not underestimate the importance of a shorter commute time, especially after those tiring late night outs. We suggest viewing the halls before going ahead with your decision, since many of them may not live up to the pictures that you see on the internet.

We hope you can find the right accommodation for yourself using this blog!