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How To Find The Best Student Accommodation in London
8th Mar, 2022

How To Find The Best Student Accommodation in London

Top 7 Tips for Finding Suitable Student Accommodation in London

1. Decide Upon the Type of Student Accommodation in London

University student halls in London: University halls are a good student housing option as they are a lot more economical than the private ones. Since they are close to the university campus, it will help you in minimising your transportation costs. Make sure you apply a little early as the number of student housing facilities is limited in university halls.

Private student halls London: Although private halls are a little expensive, they are still a satisfactory choice for student accommodation in London. Private student accommodation in London offers better facilities, like en-suite bathrooms, private kitchens, and a wider choice of locations.

Rented student rooms in London: If you don't want to stay in halls, you can rent a shared flat or apartment student room. It is recommended that you search for a student room located between Zone 2 and Zone 4 as Zone 1 has some highly expensive rooms.

2. Make Sure That the Student Accommodation in London Aligns with Your Budget

You can opt for accommodation in four zones, namely Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4. The cost of accommodation keeps getting higher as you move closer to the city centre. You must choose an accommodation option that does not contradict your budget. Consider all your monthly bills and decide realistically.

3. Consider the Location of The Student Accommodation in London

You need to consider the following factors while deciding upon the location of the accommodation-:

  • Distance from the university
  • Public transportation options and cost
  • Safety and connectivity
  • Neighbourhood amenities

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4. Choose Your Roommates Wisely

If you decide upon sharing your accommodation with other people, then it is necessary to choose your roommates carefully. Do not rush the process. Ensure that you get along with them. Communicate in advance as to what responsibilities each of you will be performing and how the bills will be paid, helping avoid any future misunderstandings.

5. Find Out What Facilities are Included in The Cost of Accommodation

It is essential to understand whether furniture, kitchen equipment, electricity bills, internet bills, laundry service, etc., are included in the cost of the accommodation or not. Opting for an accommodation that offers all-inclusive pricing can help alleviate your stress regarding your bills.

6. Go for On-Site Accommodation Viewings

After shortlisting preferable accommodation options, it is advised that you physically attend the viewing. Often the pictures posted online are far from reality, and that is why it is important to view your accommodation in person. If you are unable to attend the viewings yourself, request your friends or relatives living in London to go for on-site viewings on your behalf.

7. Do Not Shy Away from Clarifying Your Doubts Before Signing the Contract

The contract or tenancy agreement will include in detail the responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord. Read the contract thoroughly and ensure you understand and agree with everything before signing it. In case you do not understand something, do not shy away from asking questions because once you sign the agreement, you will be legally bound to follow it.

Finding the perfect student accommodation in a large city like London can seem like a challenging task. Once you understand what you are looking for and start planning accordingly, the process will become hassle-free. Doing the proper research can help you get the accommodation of your choice and provide you with a good living experience in London.

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