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What's Covered? A Guide to Bills in All-Inclusive Student Accommodation
1st Dec, 2023

What's Covered? A Guide to Bills in All-Inclusive Student Accommodation

Understanding the Concept: What All-Inclusive Bills Really Mean

An all-inclusive living experience. This means that when you live at any of these student accommodations in London, all your bills are included in the rent amount. This also means that your bills don't increase over the months, it is one stagnant bill rate throughout the term. Most of the students prefer living in an all-inclusive student accommodation in London. You will not have to worry about paying several bills on a monthly basis. all you have to do is make sure you are paying your rent amount in time and diligently. 

Many student accommodations in London also offer plenty of social spaces to resident students. Social spaces like common rooms, games rooms, and cinema rooms as well. Often times you can find great facilities like a free bike storage facility and a free gym membership too. A lot of student accommodations in London also have a laundry room available on-site which you can use on a pay-per-use basis. 

What are the Bills Included in an All-Inclusive Plan?

All your utility bills will be included in your rent structure. The following are the bills:

  • Electricity Bill

  • Water Bill

  • Gas Bill

  • Wifi Bill

  • Security Services

  • Contents Insurance 

Make sure to confirm this with your student accommodation in London. Some properties may have all of these included while some may have some added expenses attached, it is always better to check. 

How Can you Pay for an All-inclusive Rent Structure?

  • Upfront Payment: You can pay all the amount due for your rent once before moving in. This way you will have nothing to worry about for the rest of the year. However, this may be difficult for some students as it can be very expensive.

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  • Instalment Payment: Most of the student accommodations in London offer instalment options to students. You can pay in 3 or 4 instalments throughout the year. You can find the dates for your payments and all the information on your student accommodation portal. This is a very popular option among students from the UK. This option is usually only available to students who have a UK-based guarantor who is willing to sign for them.
  • Monthly Payment: There are a few student accommodations in London that offer a monthly payment plan. Some properties need a UK-based guarantor for this and some also accept an international guarantor. If you are having difficulty finding a UK-based guarantor you can check out Housing Hand. They are a third-party service that will help you pay in instalments by acting as your guarantor. 

Who is a UK-Based Guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who is ready to sign on your behalf stating that you will be paying your rent amount in time, in case you fail the guarantor is responsible for the pending payment. A UK-based guarantor is a person who is a resident of the UK and has a permanent address, proof of income in the UK, and proof of paying utility bills in the UK. 

Can you Rent Out Private Accommodations as a Student?

Yes, you surely can rent out private accommodations as a student. However, there are certain drawbacks to it. Number 1 is going to be your safety and security, there is no reserved source of security at these private accommodations. Also, you will have to pay additionally for all your utility bills every month. You will not be guaranteed to be alone with students, you may also live with professionals or family members. This greatly takes away from your living experience as a student. 

Hence, we recommend that you look out for student accommodation in London that has an all-inclusive rent structure. It will keep you hassle-free and let you focus on your academic career.

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