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Social Calender Flexible Payment Plans Including No Guarantor Brand New Kitchens Outdoor Communal Facilities
From £240.00/ week

About Halls

Property Amenities

Broadband CCTV Common Room Laundry On Site Maintenance All Bills Included Bus Links Train Links

Standard Studio

Features Central Heating Self Catered Tumble Dryer Washing Machine WiFi Cooker Desk & Chair En Suite Lockable Bedroom Bike Storage Laundry Room Maintenance 24/7 Professional Property Maintenance

Room Filling Fast

Move In : 07/09/2024

Duration : 51 weeks

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£240 /week

No Deposit

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Cancellation Policy

1.1 Cancellation cooling-off period(s)
If you choose to cancel your booking, you will have seven calendar days after signing your Tenancy Agreement to do so.
If you made your booking fewer than seven calendar days before your Tenancy Agreement start date, you may cancel your booking until the earlier of (a) seven calendar days after signing your Tenancy Agreement, or (b) the date the Tenancy Agreement commences. You may not cancel once your tenancy commences.

For bookings made after the 1st August the below supersedes all other cancelation terms;

For those bookings made after 1st August you will have 24 hours to cancel. After this point, you and your guarantor (if applicable) will be liable for the Tenancy Agreement.

1.1.1 Requesting Cancelation
You may request to cancel your booking by sending an email to [email protected] you should clearly state the reason for requesting cancellation and include any documents in support of your request. Please note sending a request to cancel does not indicate an agreement to release you from the AST. We will review your request to cancel and will advise in writing our decision.

We will refund your deposit where applicable within one calendar month of accepting your cancellation. International bank transfers can take longer to process funds and incur a transfer fee.

1.2 Cancellations after the cooling-off period(s)
You will not be eligible to automatically cancel your booking after your cooling-off period has ended. You and your Guarantor (if applicable) will be required to meet the obligations set out within your Tenancy Agreement, or to find a suitable replacement tenant who can ‘take over the remaining duration of your Tenancy Agreement.

1.3 Termination of your Tenancy Agreement you have moved into the accommodation
Once you have arrived at the accommodation and checked in you are unable to cancel your Tenancy Agreement.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your accommodation, we would encourage you to speak with your local property manager in the first instance – please be clear with them about what you are unhappy about, that way they can best support you to ensure you feel happy in the accommodation. If after speaking with the local property manager you are still unhappy and wish to proceed with
cancellation then your request must be put in writing to [email protected], ensure you include a detailed reason for requesting cancellation and include any supporting documentation you feel relevant in support of your request to cancel.

In the vast majority of cases, we will be unable to agree to release without you satisfying the below conditions;
• You find a suitable replacement (this person must be 18 years or older, enrolled on an accredited course at a local higher education establishment or university)
• The replacement tenant must enter into and agree with a Almero Student’s Tenancy Agreement and satisfy Almero Student’s standard booking conditions
• If the replacement tenant you provide is unable to fulfill the above then we will be unable to consider them as a suitable replacement and you (and your guarantor if applicable) will continue to be liable for the rent until such time as you find a replacement tenant who is
suitable or your tenancy agreement reaches its contracted end date

Any refunds of rent and or deposit will not be processed until the replacement tenant has fulfilled the booking process requirements, checked in to the accommodation, and paid their first/total rent.

1.4 Cancellations by Almero Student
Our terms and conditions require you to sign your Tenancy Agreement within the period specified on your Tenancy Agreement (the expiry date for completing your agreement is clearly shown on your Tenancy Agreement).
If you and your guarantor (if applicable) fail to sign your Tenancy Agreement within this timescale, your Tenancy Agreement may be cancelled. Almero Student retains its right to cancel your Tenancy Agreement should you fail to provide a suitable Guarantor for your tenancy on more than three occasions.
If for any reason Almero Student is not able to offer you accommodation once your Tenancy Agreement is fully signed, we will contact you as soon as possible detailing the reasons why, or offering an alternative solution. If we cannot offer a suitable alternative, or you are unhappy with the alternative provided then Almero Student shall release your and your guarantor (if applicable) from the Tenancy Agreement and refund any monies paid at that point.


Do You Need Guarantor?
Without a UK rental guarantor, most landlords and agents will require you to pay the full year’s rent upfront. We have partnered with Housing Hand who can provide you with a certificate of rental guarantee.
However, there some of our student accommodation do not need a UK based guarantor in order for students to pay their rent in instalments, to know more kindly get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you with these properties.

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