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Wise Wallets: Money Saving Tips For Students In Bradford
25th Aug, 2023

Wise Wallets: Money Saving Tips For Students In Bradford

Surviving and thriving in a foreign country can often be daunting as a freshman. Most students are nervous about their financial capabilities in a new country and away from home. You have to be very diligent and accurate regarding budgeting and tracking your day-to-day expenses. It is never easy, however, it is no rocket science too. You can always have a wonderful time even with the most budgeted options in hand. Our team has come up with a few tips that you can refer to feel comfortable in a foreign land. Kindly consider the following tips while planning your academic career abroad.

Planning and Research

This is the most crucial and the most time-consuming factor. Planning and research can help you in many ways. For instance, when you are looking out for student accommodation in Bradford, do it well in time. You will be surprised to know about the multiple offers and discounts that are available.

Monthly Budgeting

Who does not keep track of their expenses? It is so easy in today's day and age to keep track of every penny you spend. Know your financial capability and budget yourself every month. This will help you understand your financial status and keep you financially independent.

Differentiate Between Necessities And Luxury

Always ask yourself if you are looking out for your necessities or looking out for luxury. This way, you will always learn to prioritize your needs over your wants. There is a very thin line and I am sure you would always want to prioritize your needs.

Personal Diary/ List

Jot down everything from your needs, things to do, and bills to pay. This will help you be aware of everything you need to remember. You cannot default on payments or have a misconception about your financial situation. Have everything penned down, it is important to keep you fixed to the present at all times.

Prefer Renting Over Buying

Nowadays, some organizations even rent out laptops and study spaces to students. Be flexible towards this idea. It will help you save loads of money and you can try different products to know what works best for you. You can borrow books from the university library. These books are usually expensive and it's best if you can lend them, use them, and return them for other students to use.

Use Your Student Discount

The UK is a melting pot of students from all over the world today. The country and the cities with the best universities are aware of this as well. Every city has student discounts available to make life easier for students. You will surely find discounts and offers even on your student accommodation in Bradford if you look well ahead in time.

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Be Up To Date With Your Bills

Every coin has two sides, The UK has so much to offer for students but at the same time, they are very strict when it comes to payments. It should be on the top of your priority list to pay your bills on time, you do not want to be a defaulter in a foreign country.

Take Advantage Of Public Transport

The UK has great public transportation links throughout the country. You can take advantage of this and travel to different cities and also explore the city you are in. You can check with your student accommodation in Bradford to know more about student travel cards and discounts.

Pass On Your Stuff To Other Students

There will be multiple household items, electronic items, etc. that you use as a student and will eventually not need them. You can either sell these things on platforms like eBay or Shpock. This is a decent and proven way to have some quick cash that you may need.

Opt to Eat in

One of the biggest expenses other than paying your monthly rent is the cost of food daily. Opt to cook for yourself and eat on the days you can. Groceries are available at reasonable prices and this will help you save tonnes of money.

We hope that the tips that have been curated by us come in handy during your time as a student. Looking for student accommodation in Bradford? You can always get in touch with our team at Best Student Halls and we will be happy to assist you with the booking process and latest offers.

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