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Why is Sheffield One of the Best Cities to Study?

29th Jul, 2023

Sheffield stands as a beacon in England that embraces its multicultural community, making it a welcome and attractive destination for students from around the globe. Notable universities aside, Sheffield provides students with enriching experiences, cultural exchanges, and a thriving atmosphere perfect for higher education pursuits. In this article, we investigate why Sheffield's diverse, multicultural population creates such an inviting and welcoming environment for aspiring students.

Things to Know About Sheffield

Uncovering lesser-known aspects of Sheffield can give us a deeper glimpse into its exciting city life. Surrounded by lush landscapes and parks, students can take leisurely walks through nature, and outdoor activities and relaxation amidst nature. Furthermore, Sheffield boasts a strong industrial legacy from its steel industry which has had a significant impact on the culture and architectural landscape.

Universities in Sheffield:

Sheffield has two world-class academic institutions. The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. Both universities provide a wide selection of courses with expert faculty available to meet any academic need or interest. With almost 10 percent student population it fosters collaboration and innovation between all its members. Almost half a million students every year visit Sheffield to pursue their higher education from all over the world. The university offers a multicultural environment for students to collaborate and learn.

Student Accommodation in Sheffield:

Finding a comfortable and welcoming place to call home is of utmost importance for students, and the city provides an array of accommodation tailored to suit every budget and preference. Be it university dormitories, private apartments, or shared housing, students can easily settle into Sheffield's vibrant city life while making themselves at ease in their new space. BSH offers a wide variety of student rooms in Sheffield for every budget.

Cost of Living:

Studying in Sheffield offers many advantages over other major UK cities due to its affordable cost of living, from accommodation and transport costs to daily expenses to living costs, students can make the most of their academic journey without incurring undue financial strain.

Student Life in Sheffield:

Sheffield offers an engaging and inclusive student life experience, boasting a rich diversity. Residents are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness, making adjusting and adapting easier in this new environment. Sheffield boasts an abundance of student clubs, societies, and support services which help students find a sense of belonging that fosters both personal growth and academic achievement.


Eating Out:

The City offers a blend of flavours from around the globe due to its multicultural community. Students can experience all manner of culinary treats without leaving Sheffield itself, from cosy cafes and exquisite restaurants to street food markets and vibrant street food markets.

Getting Around and Travelling:

Buses and trains connect key areas seamlessly, allowing students to easily travel between universities, accommodation facilities, and attractions. In addition, Sheffield boasts pedestrian-friendly streets, which make exploring easier than ever.

Arts and Culture:

The city has a variety of art galleries, theatres, live music venues, and annual festivals. Students can immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences by attending performances or cultural festivals, creating lasting memories while deepening their understanding of global traditions.


Sheffield offers something for every entertainment need, offering students plenty of ways to relax by watching movies, supporting local sports teams, or attending concerts by internationally-known musicians. Sheffield also boasts an energetic nightlife filled with pubs, bars, and clubs catering to various tastes while providing opportunities to socialize and make new friends.


Renowned universities, affordable cost of living, comfortable accommodation, efficient transportation systems, diverse dining options, and vibrant arts and entertainment scene, create an environment that honours diversity while offering academic excellence with cultural enrichment - perfect for student pursuit.