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What are the Questions you Need to Ask During a Viewing!

6th Aug, 2021

Is the Area Safe?

The first thing that you need to establish right at the time of viewing is whether the student accommodation is safe or not. There are several factors that can determine whether the place is safe, like the security system and security personnel present. Also, the overall reputation of the neighbourhood can tell you a lot about the accommodation’s safety. You can always ask the residents of the student accommodation to learn more about the actual on-site experience of living at the property.

What is Connectivity Like?

The best student halls and accommodation always offer excellent connectivity to its residents. This means that even if you are not based in the heart of the town or city, you have access to public transportation like buses and trains which allow you to travel to different parts of the city and country with ease. Ideally, the best student accommodation in the UK is situated under fifteen minutes of walking distance from bus stops and railway stations and if you move fast, you will find no dearth of such places!

How Helpful is the Place with Studies?

It is a no-brainer that good student accommodation must provide a conducive environment for studies, allowing you to balance your studies and social life with ease. For the accommodation it can mean offering high-speed internet across the property, having designated study areas within the private living spaces along with libraries and study rooms where the students can come to study. Since a lot of studying also happens in groups, comfortable communal spaces are usually found in student accommodation in the UK.


What is the Community Like?

This is something that only the students living at the student accommodation will be able to tell you. Every student accommodation in the UK has its own community of people. Although students keep coming in and going out throughout the year, there are always a few traits that stick around. Some of the best student halls offer a very warm, cosy environment where the students feel like being a part of a large family. In such places, you can feel like your peers and the staff have got your back and you will find everything from emotional support to academic assistance!

What Does the Rent Include and What About Hidden Charges?

When looking through student accommodation in the UK, you will find many attractively priced properties but before you finalise, it is better to figure out what all is included in the accommodation. Sometimes, the lowest rents do not include any of the bills and might end up costing you more after everything is included. Therefore, it is advisable to always ask before you finalise. Also, when you choose rentals that include everything, there tend to be no hidden surprises or fluctuating monthly expenses, as far as the rent and bills are concerned, helping you plan better!

Now that you have a whole list of questions to ask, we hope that you will be able to make a more informed decision, finding the best student halls for yourself, minus the surprises! If you feel like you can do with some further assistance, simply reach out to us here and we will offer you our services, free of cost!