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Making the Move: Your Comprehensive Packing Guide for Aberdeen
12th Aug, 2023

Making the Move: Your Comprehensive Packing Guide for Aberdeen

Aberdeen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is an undisputed marvel, from breathtaking views to undying history and culture. Students from around the world pour into this beautiful city to study at some of the most reputed universities it hosts. If you are looking for a place to stay during your academic career, you have multiple options available. We have student accommodation in Aberdeen near Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University, and North East Scotland College.

Once your admission is confirmed you will be in utter joy. However, this is the first step towards a cumbersome journey of planning and executing. You will have to be prepared and have a list of things to pack. This way you will be confident and sure that you have everything important to you. We advise you to choose wisely and have a practical approach. Following is a list made by us at Best Student Halls to make this process easier for you:

Local Currency

In today's day and age, one would argue that visas and MasterCard are widely accepted in every nook and corner. However, we beg to differ and would like to advise you to carry along some local currency as there will be some point where you will need to have this on hand.

Travel Documents

This is the most important item and cannot be missed by you for any reason. When you are studying in a foreign land, you need to have all your documents along with you. This is what will be used to verify your entry into the country and also act as proof in many situations.


It is always advisable to keep emergency medicines handy. You can always visit a local doctor, however, if you have prescribed medication make sure you carry a good stock of it. It is always important to have your prescription handy as well.


This is an important factor in personal hygiene. As you are aware, you cannot share your toiletries with another roommate considering basic hygiene. It is always important for you to carry your toiletries. You can opt to carry a small toiletries kit. You can add items like your toothbrush, hairbrush, contact lenses, razor, sanitizer, toothpaste, and face wash.

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Electronic Devices

To run a smooth and easy life we all rely on our electronic devices like our phones, and laptops. Make sure you have all of these items handy even when you are traveling towards your destination. Do not forget your chargers for any of these devices as it can be a daunting experience. If you need any additional accessories for these devices make sure you purchase them well in advance. As you cannot be sure of finding what you specifically need as soon as you've moved to a new city.


As an international student, you must carry as many clothes as you can from your home country. There are multiple reasons for this. This will help you save loads of time and money. Make sure you are aware of the weather conditions in Aberdeen. This way you can pack as per the appropriate requirement.


Different students have different priorities. Make sure that you have a list and are aware of what you need to carry. You can also make lists of what is in which bag so that it is easier for you to remember.

 This is a list that can be used by any student who plans to pursue an academic career in Aberdeen. You can always check out student accommodation in Aberdeen on our website. There are multiple good options for student halls in Aberdeen. The earlier you book the better it will be for you.

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