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Everything You Need To Know About Aberdeen As a Student
16th Nov, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Aberdeen As a Student

If you wish to stay by the coast and enjoy the tropical climate, you’ve made the right choice. Over the years, more and more students kept coming in, making it a hub of student halls in Aberdeen. Get yourself a wonderful stay at Best Student Halls, which provides quality student accommodation in Aberdeen. Students from all over the world are seen flying into Aberdeen seeking quality education. 

Although compact, Aberdeen is a well-connected city. With a comprehensive network of public transport, finding your way around Aberdeen is as easy as ABC! With a wealth of attractions and things to do in Aberdeen, you will always find yourself occupied here. 

Here are a few things that students would like to know about Aberdeen: 

History in Aberdeen: 

Aberdeen’s history is reflected in the architecture, that surrounds the city. Take some time out to visit the granite buildings here. Check out the museums and art galleries here to get acquainted with the city’s long-standing history. It has a glorious past of war along with the War of Scottish Independence and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The Aberdeen Maritime Museum is another great attraction that is situated near the docks and gives an insight into the city’s relationship with the coast.  With plenty of churches and cathedrals that paint a beautiful picture of the city’s history, you can add these to the list of things you want to see here. 

Things to do in Aberdeen: 

Football fans can rejoice as Aberdeen is home to 2 major football clubs; Aberdeen F.C and Cove Rangers. So, match days in Aberdeen are a regular occurrence. The Pittodrie Stadium is where most of the matches take place in Aberdeen. So, keep an eye out for upcoming matches. If you think you’re a party animal, Aberdeen will make you very happy. With a variety of clubs and bars to hop to every weekend, you are guaranteed a good time here. A lot of these places offer student discounts, so keep an eye out! There are plenty of live music venues too that offer great music accompanied by food too.

Shopping in Aberdeen: 

Love to shop? Aberdeen is your new shopping haven. If you’re into designer outfits, you’ll find several boutiques to satisfy yourself. Want to shop cheap? Aberdeen has a fix for that as well. You will have multiple street-style and retail stores at your feet that you can visit when you’re in the mood to shop. Want to do your bit for mother earth? Shop vintage! Aberdeen is home to many vintage boutiques and pre-loved clothing stores where you can come across some rare finds. 

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Food in Aberdeen: 

Aberdeen is a foodie’s paradise. It is home to some pretty great eateries that will have you coming back for more. From fine dining to cheap eats, you’ll have it all here. As you are part of a multicultural city, you will have cuisines from all over the world to dig into. Aberdeen offers some pretty great coffee houses to explore, for your daily caffeine dose too. For some delectable British delights, head to Bobobo and taste the exciting food that they offer there. 

Nature in Aberdeen: 

Aberdeen is a green city. With more than 14 parks and gardens to explore, the city loves nature. It is also dubbed as the ‘flower of Scotland’ due to the many green spaces and parks that call this city their home. You will find many green spaces to unwind around the city as well. Feeling adventurous? Aberdeen also has an abundance of nature reserves and trails that are waiting to be explored. Along with these, you will also have 3000 acres of publicly owned woodlands that are accessible by all. 

Aberdeen has a lot to offer, so you can look forward to spending your days in this majestic city in Scotland.

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