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All About Clearing 2022!

28th Jul, 2022

Clearing season takes place from July to October each year. This means that students who have good grades but don't yet have an offer to a university yet can make use of clearing to secure a spot at a university of their choice. Applicants are free to apply to their universities starting from the 5th of July to 18th October 2022. However, any applications that are submitted after the 30th of June, 2022 are automatically entered into clearing.

Who Can Benefit from Clearing? 

- If you were late in applying at universities (after 30th June 2022)

- Didn’t like any offer that you have received or haven’t received an offer altogether

- You were not willing to meet the conditions of your offer

- Don’t have an offer from the course of your choice while the course still has vacancy 

What About Student Who Already Have an Offer? 

The UCAS Hub comes with a ‘self-release’ option that allows you to give up your initial university choice and look for a course through clearing instead. If you had paid £22, which let you choose one course for your UCAS application, you will now be charged an additional £4.50 that lets you apply for multiple UCAS courses through clearing. 

How Does Clearing Work? 

Leaving a few Universities like the Oxford and Cambridge, more than 30000 courses are listed through the official UCAS search option. These lists are constantly updated throughout the clearing period. You will have to scan through the list yourself to see if the course that interests you still has vacancy or you might want to give some other university a shot. Once you begin applying, you’ll see that there are endless possibilities. You can apply to new courses which you previously hadn’t applied for and even apply to courses that had rejected you in the past. You could also choose to directly connect with the university of your choice and ask them if they will offer you the course you want in on. 

Your spot is guaranteed once you receive a verbal offer, which is then updated on the UCAS hub and then confirmed by the university. 


How Does Clearing Plus Work? 

Applicants can also make use of an advanced feature, called the Clearing Plus, to get accepted to universities of their choice. This tool is designed to help match your application to the requirements of the universities, thus helping you find the ideal course for yourself. This feature makes your task easier, by simply directing you and the university to each other. 

Clearing gives you a second chance to pursue an education from the university that you would like. We suggest that you take advantage of this blessing to further your career!

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