The Tramshed

160 Corporation Street, Preston
Rooms from£108.00

About The Halls

The Tramshed student accommodation is situated in the bustling heart of Preston, in the northern English county of Lancashire. The central location of The Tramshed means that the students get to enjoy a multitude of social activities, including catching a pint at the local Wetherspoons which is situated almost next-door, enjoying an evening of dance and music with friends at Turtle Bay, LeVel or one of the many popular local clubs, or simply munching on authentic pizzas at Angelo's.

Not just the social life but the everyday, mundane activities like grocery shopping, accessing a repair shop or a mobile store is also made much easier by the location of The Tramshed accommodation. Stores like Tesco Express, Fishergate Shopping Centre and Debenhams are all situated at a comfortable walking distance. Additionally, you can also access the Preston train station which is situated a mere 8-minute walk away. From here, you will find direct trains and connections to almost every part of the country!

Moving on to the actual rooms offered by The Tramshed; we only have one word for it, luxurious! You can choose amongst the many types of en suites and studios. These rooms offer ensuite bathrooms, proper study desks and chairs with storage options for your books and study materials, comfortable beds and ample storage for all your possessions. The rooms offer ample opportunities for personalisation to make the space look homey and inviting! The studios also include kitchenettes so that you can cook, clean and eat when it is comfortable for you!

The different facilities offered by The Tramshed include a strong WiFi and broadband connection that keeps you online, no matter where you are throughout the property. Secure door entry and CCTVs have been installed to ensure total security and safety of the students. Since all the bills are covered in your rent and you get access to full-time maintenance, the transition into an independent life becomes more gradual, giving you time to adjust by taking the load of these small responsibilities off your shoulders! Apart from these, you get a well-equipped gym, excellent train and bus links, private study areas and much more, to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one!

About Preston

Preston is a great place for nature lovers! You will get to sample some exquisite natural beauty in and around Preston along with proper British culture and history. Out of the many places that you can visit in Preston and the many experiences that you can have, do make sure to get out and explore the beauty of northern England in its raw form when in Preston. You can do so by visiting the Cuerden Valley Park or Bowland Wild Boar Park. If you enjoy scenic walks, you will find Beacon Fell Country Park to be a great place!

Some of the more accessible green spaces in the city include the majestic Japanese Gardens known by the name of Avenham and Miller Parks. You can spend your day in the midst of birds of prey at Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary. For people who want to learn more about the history and culture of Preston, a visit to the Harris Museum and Art Gallery can prove to be very rewarding.
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160 Corporation Street, Preston,

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Bronze Ensuite

From £108

If you want incredible views over Preston, our bronze en suite room is for you! Get ready to sink into your comfy bed and soak up some views in your lavish new student living. Crack on with studying in the privacy of your own space with your very own desk. Once you’ve finished, it’s time to wind down with your very own TV and watch your favourite movie. Whether you want to relax on the comfy sofas in the common room or break a sweat in the gym, The Tramshed luxury student living has it all!

Silver Plus Ensuite

From £110

Our stunning silver plus en suite room has all the same features as our silver en suite, but with even more space! This room type is based on higher floors, offering stunning views of Preston you won’t want to miss. Sink into your comfy bed and catch your favourite show on your TV after a long day of studying at your very own personal desk! Our luxury student accommodation really is a level-up from the rest, with some amazing amenities such as a gym and a super modern common room.

Silver Ensuite

From £111

Want glorious views of the communal garden? Check out our silver en suite! Your luxury en suite room comes with a cozy ¾ bed and a TV, perfect for relaxing after a tough day of studying at your very own desk. WiFi is included so you can stream to your heart’s content and with our modern common room, you can make plenty of memories with your new friends. Fancy a workout? Start your day off right and break a sweat at the gym!

Gold Ensuite

From £127

Our gold en suite offers much more space for students, for those wanting a little extra room. With your very own en suite and study desk, you’re bound to feel right at home in no time. Sink into your comfy bed after a long day at university and flick the TV on, because it’s time to relax! When you’re ready to break a sweat, visit our on-site gym with all the best equipment. Then, relax in our modern communal room on the extra comfy sofas with your new friends.

Gold Plus Ensuite

From £130

Are you ready to level up? Our gold plus en suite are the largest rooms available, perfect if you really want to treat yourself and have plenty of added space. It has the same fixtures and fittings as the other rooms such as a comfy bed, your own desk and your own TV but with double the floor space. The room also has a modern en suite bathroom with a wet room too, creating the perfect luxury home away from home. Why not visit our on-site gym and relax in our modern communal room afterwards with extra comfy sofas?

Standard Studio

From £145

Offers all that an en-suite room does, but with your own kitchenette.

Premium Studio

From £160

Ideal for couples, or if you want a large amount of space to yourself, our premium studio offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Enjoy your own shower room and plenty of study space, with a gloriously comfy double bed to snuggle into. Study in peace at your very own desk and relax with your friends in our modern common room afterwards. With a TV in your room, you’ve got the perfect excuse to relax and chill out after a long day at university. Ever wanted your own gym? Our luxury student accommodation has a fabulous gym on-site with all the best equipment, so you can break a sweat and keep fit with your friends.

160 Corporation Street, Preston,

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Cancellation Policy

Special Tenancy Procedures for COVID-19 outbreak – March 2020 

This document sets out how to proceed with requests for cancellation or delay specifically relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Please note that if a university lease or nomination agreement is in place, then the cancellation policy of the relevant university will take precedence over this policy, and the clauses within the agreement apply. 

Tenancy Agreement : The tenancy agreement is a legal contract between the tenant and Homes for Students. The tenancy agreement is for a fixed term and the student (and guarantor) are liable for the full term of that agreement unless and until express written release is granted. 

The usual Termination of Student Tenancy Policy applies for all cancellation requests that are not EXPLICITLY related to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.       

Initial Cancellation Period  : A student can cancel a tenancy agreement for up to 14 days after the date the booking is confirmed (the Initial Cancellation Period). For bookings made from 1st August to 30th September ahead of the academic year the booking is for, the Initial Cancellation Period reduces to 7 days. We will refund the full security deposit (£50 to £250). £20 will be deducted from the refunded amount to cover any international bank charges for deposit refunds made to non-UK banks.

Outside Initial Cancellation Period   

If a student wishes to cancel outside of the Initial Cancellation Period, and the cancellation reason is EXPLICITLY related to COVID-19, then the following applies:

* 19-20 Course Withdrawn (19-20 IELTS/Pre-sessional/short term/foundation etc) 

If the student is attending a short term course in the UK and the course is withdrawn completely by the University or Higher Education Institute, the student may be eligible to be released from this agreement.

* 19-20 Course Delay (19-20 IELTS/Pre-sessional/short term/foundation etc) 

If the student is attending a short term course in the UK and the start date of the course is delayed by the University or Higher Education Institute, the student may be eligible for a reduction in tenancy length based upon evidence of the delayed new course start date. 

The student must provide written evidence that the course start date has been delayed within 3 days of being notified and we may then adjust the contract accordingly.

* 20-21 Course which is reliant on IELTS/Pre-sessional 

If the student is a prospective first year Undergraduate or Postgraduate student and the offer of a place at the University or Higher Education Institute in the UK is subject to completing and passing an IELTS (or equivalent) in the UK or in the student’s country of origin, and this is unable to be completed because the IELTS (or equivalent) is withdrawn entirely, the student may be eligible to be released from this agreement. 

The student must provide written evidence that the course is no longer taking place at all within 3 days of being notified and we will release the student from the contract without penalty and refund the deposit paid. 

* 20-21 Course Delay 

If the course start date in the UK is delayed by the University or Higher Education Institute, the student may be eligible for a reduction in tenancy length based upon evidence of the delayed new course start date. 

The student must provide written evidence that the course start date has been delayed within 3 days of being notified and we may then adjust the contract accordingly.

* Travel Ban (19-20 or 20-21 bookings) 

If the student is unable to travel to or enter the UK due to a restriction on leaving their country of origin, or a restriction on entering the UK which means they cannot arrive in time to start their course, the student may be eligible to be released from this agreement, subject to evidence being provided of a formal travel ban being in place. 

There must be a specific government ban in place at the start date of the student’s course that prevents the student coming to, or entering the UK in time to start their course, and there must be  no realistic prospect of a delayed course start date. 

Termination by Choice       

 A tenancy cannot be terminated by a student who is already in the UK, or a student who does not want to  attend the university or come to the UK of their own choice outside of the Initial Cancellation Period. The tenant remains liable for the entire rent until a suitable replacement tenant is found. 

If the room is re-let we will refund the deposit, less any appropriate charges and a deduction of £50 for administration of the variation of the tenancy agreement. 


Approval for all cancellations due to COVID-19 must be received from Scott Lewis, Simon West or Kate Forester.

Approval must be sought using the Special Room Release Request Form – COVID-19, which is available on the Intranet under Direct Let procedures.  

Please note, cancellations will need client approval which could take up to 4 weeks.