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Plummer House

Market St, Newcastle
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About The Halls

Plummer House in Newcastle is a purpose-built student accommodation that is designed to offer students the feeling of being home. The contemporary styled interiors are accompanied by beautiful furnishings and sophisticated colours, that make it an attractive place to live. It’s located in the city center, in the heart of it, so you will be within easy reach of the local universities. Having strong transport links, it is also well-connected to other parts of the city!

A large bed will form a part of your room, where you can come and curl up at the end of the day. A study area that is complete with a desk and a chair are present in each room that will serve as your motivation to study each day. Furthermore, the place comes with ample storage that is designed to help you store all your belongings and more. You can make use of the fully-equipped kitchenette that comes with your room, where you can try your hands at new recipes every day. If you need a change of place while studying, head to the private study room, where you can spend hours disturbance-free!

The premises has a gym on them, so your fitness goals are not compromised. The superfast wifi reaches every corner of the building, so work away from anywhere you want to. Social spaces like the common room, cinema room and games room make excellent hangout spots. You can also go ahead and make new friends and get to know your neighbours here. A secure door entry and 24/7 CCTV coverage are present to make you feel safe and protected.

Interested in knowing more about the services offered at Plummer House Newcastle student accommodation? Get in touch! We would be happy to help you.

About Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a wonderful city that finds its home in the northeast of England, on the banks of the Tyne River. Students fall in love with this city, which offers so much to do all at once. Taking a walk along the river happens to be a favourite amongst everyone. Enjoying the view of enormous bridges arching across the river is another fun activity you can indulge in here. There are plenty of other attractions that you can visit in your free time here. If you’re a history buff, plan a visit to the St. Nicholas Cathedral and Newcastle Castle and witness some fine architectural examples.

Newcastle Upon Tyne has several options for entertainment. The city has a great live music scene, with hundreds of venues that are frequented by prominent artists! Get your shopping fix at the Grainger Market, where you can find everything, you can imagine! It’s a sea of local brands, some of which have really great stuff. Students are often seen hanging out around The Gate, which is where all the fun is at. The place is flooded with restaurants, bars, cafes and more, letting you have a gala time.
Common Room
Secure Door Entry
Library/Study Area
Games room

Market St, Newcastle,

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3 Bed Ensuite – P/p

From £149

A 13-19m2 bedroom and your own private bathroom in a shared apartment with 3 bedrooms.

4 Bed Ensuite – P/p

From £164

A 15-17m2 bedroom and your own private bathroom in a shared apartment with 4 bedrooms.

Linked Studio – P/p

From £167

A private 12-15m2 bedroom (and your own private bathroom) within a 2-bedroom interconnecting studio


From £175

Your own private studio apartment - size 15-17.5m2

Studio Plus

From £187

Your own private studio apartment - size 18-20m2. 


Luxury Studio

From £198

Your own private studio apartment - size 20m2

Premier Studio

From £205

Your own private studio apartment - size 21-25.5m2

Deluxe Studio

From £265

Your own private studio apartment - size 27-33m2

Mezzanine Apartment

From £268

Your own private split-level 21-24m2 apartment with bedroom, kitchen, desk area and en-suite bathroom.

Mezzanine Plus

From £294

Your own private split-level 29-32m2 apartment with bedroom, kitchen, desk area and en-suite bathroom.

Deluxe Mezzanine Apartment

From £305

Your own private split-level 32-35m2 apartment with bedroom, kitchen, desk area and en-suite bathroom.

Market St, Newcastle,

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

You may be eligible to be released from your agreement if:

Your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education Instituton is withdrawn as a result of you not achieving the required entry grades, you have surpassed your required entry grades and choose to go to a different University or you have extenuating circumstances that prevents you taking your place at University.

In order to meet the criteria you will need one of the following:

  • To provide a written rejection letter from you choosen university/Higher Education Institue.
  • Evidence as to why you cannot take your place

You will be required to pay a Deposit  ("Deposit") at the commencement  of the Residential Period.

This payment will be collected with your first rental payment.

Your Deposit will be held under a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and will be used as security against any damage to the Room, the Flat or the Property (fair wear and tear excepted), any damage to the furnishings or other equipment provided (fair wear and tear excepeted) and any unpaid Rent or other charges incurred during the duration of your Tenancy Agreement. The balance of the Deposit will be paid to you within 28 days after the termination of your Tenancy Agreement, less any reasonable costs incurred for the breach of any obligation under the Tenancy Agreement.

Our terms and conditions require you to sign your Tenancy Agreement online within 15 days of receiving the Offer of Accommodation.

If you fail to sign your agreement within this timescale we may cancel your booking, giving notice by email, and you will forfeit any 'reservation rent' paid if it is outside the 15 day cooling off period.

To cancel your booking you must tell us in writing by sending an email to us at: [email protected]