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The Foundry Leeds

The Foundry, Cavendish Street, Leeds
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About The Halls

The Foundry is a remarkable student accommodation that is on Cavendish Street in Leeds. Situated amidst one of the liveliest places in the city, you’ll step out into a bustling street that houses many nightclubs, restaurants and even shopping centres! There’s almost no need for you to travel for anything unless you want to. Also, all the universities are within a 10-12 minutes walk from here, saving up on precious commute time and money! The City centre isn’t too far either and can easily be walked up from The Foundry student accommodation.

Everything at The Foundry accommodation has been designed keeping the nuances of student living in mind. The rooms have comfortable beds, ample storage and ensuite facilities, which are standard across all rooms. On nights when you’re too lazy to step out, gather a few friends and challenge one another to a game of pool. Or maybe spend an evening watching a movie at the in-house cinema at The Foundry Leeds. This can also double as a screen on match days when the place is the liveliest! The gym here is fully equipped too, letting you enjoy a solid workout from the comfort of your home at The Foundry student accommodation. Looking to get some studying done? Head to the private study room that offers the perfect atmosphere to study.

We, at student accommodation The Foundry, believe your safety and well-being is our responsibility, which is why the building is under total CCTV surveillance. Moreover, your bills will be included in the rent amount, so you’re excused from paying any additional charges. Any doubts you may have about the availability of rooms or the types of rooms at The Foundry student accommodation will be answered by us. Simply get in touch with us at Best Student Halls.

About Leeds

The largest city in the county of West Yorkshire, Leeds is a lovely place to be a student! It’s a modern city that is set across a historic backdrop. You’ll find many Victorian styled buildings around the City centre, that really add to the charm of Leeds. The city is a major hub for music and culture, which is reflected in its everyday life. You can visit the art galleries and museums here to learn more about the cultural side of the city. It also offers a vibrant nightlife, catering to all tastes.

Student life is adorned with frequent shopping trips and Leeds lets you have fun while you do so. The Leeds Kirkgate Market, which features hundreds of indoor and outdoor stalls has everything you may need and more! If you’re someone who likes to spend time outdoors, Leeds has many parks and open green spaces that make excellent picnic spots. Roundhay Park is one of the largest ones in the city and the country too!
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The Foundry, Leeds,

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Standard Ensuite

From £160

The Standard Ensuite offers a great balance of price and value. More than this, it's a home away from home and offers everything you need to support your student lifestyle.
The 13m2 room with it's ensuite shower room & toilet, includes a double bed and desk for studying. There is plenty of space for your belongings in the shelving unit, wardrobe and above the bed shelving and under the bed storage We also provide a full length mirror and pin board and white board so you can keep organised and personalise your room.

On the gadget side, your room comes with TV point and internet port, USB charging and 200Mb Wi-fi.

The shared kitchen and living space includes microwave, oven/hob, dishwasher, toaster & kettle. There is also a dining area for eating with flatmates or having friends over. A comfy seating area allows you to relax and watch the 42"TV or chill.

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Standard Plus Ensuite

From £160

Our Standard Plus Ensuites offer more space at 15 - 16m2 . These rooms are loved by students who want a little bit more space but on a budget friendly price. The rooms are well-appointed with plenty of room for studying, sleeping and chilling. There's also a full length mirror and pin board and white boards to personalise your room and keep you on track.

There is ample storage for all of your belongings in shelving, wardrobe and under the bed. The ensuite shower room provides privacy with modern design. TV and Internet points and USB charging provide everything you need for your electronics.

The shared space includes all mod cons kitchen, a large dining area and a very comfortable seating area for watching the 42" TV.

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Premium Ensuite

From £165

At a whopping 18m2, The Premium Ensuite adds a bit of luxury to student accommodation. These rooms enjoy all the benefits of our en suite rooms, with added spaciousness.

This room includes TV and Internet points for your gadgets and 200 Mb Wi-Fi. There is great storage capacity in this room types with under the bed storage, wardrobe and shelving units. The modern ensuite shower room provides privacy.

The shared space is large and has everything needed to support nights in and chilling with your flatmates. A fully modern kitchen includes microwave, cooker, fridge freezer and a dishwasher. The dining area means you can sit and eat with friends or grab some cornflakes for your breakfast in comfort. The shared seating area includes a 42" TV and lots of comfy seats for catching up with box sets.

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Standard Studio

From £190

Our standard Studios are larger than most on the market at 27m2. They offer everything you need for self contained living. These are particularly popular with students who want to have their own privacy for focusing on their studies.

The studio includes a double bed, desk area with plenty of storage in shelving, wardrobe and under bed storage. A TV point, USB charging point, internet port, 32" Smart TV and 200Mb wi-fi, all your digital needs are catered for.

The kitchenette is fully fitted with hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, toaster and kettle.There is a comfy seating area, dining table and chairs for relaxing and eating.

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Standard Plus Studio

From £235

At 30m2, our Standard Plus Studio provide very comfortable self-contained student living. These studios have everything required for the modern student lifestyle within a spacious environment.

With 200Mb wi-fi, 32" Smart TV, TV & Internet port and USB charging - we cater for all your digital needs. The studio has a sleeping, studying, relaxing and kitchenette zones.

A double bed, desk and chair and plenty of storage in shelving, wardrobes and underbed storage means there is lots of room for your belongings.

The kitchenette is fully equipped with microwave, oven/hob, dishwasher, toaster & kettle. There is a dining table and chairs for eating and a comfy seating area for relaxing

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Premium Studio

From £255

Our Premium Studios are the ultimate in student self-contained accommodation. With between 34-43m2, they offer top of the market spaciousness.

Living in these studios provides residents with privacy in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Well appointed, there is room for all your belongings in shelving, wardrobe and underbed storage. A double bed and study desk & chair provides space for sleeping and studying but there is also plenty of room for a fully fitted kitchenette and a seating and dining table.

The kitchenette has oven/hob, microwave, dishwasher , toaster & kettle; everything you need to rustle up meals. We also provide a 32" Smart TV when you want a break from the books and a comfy seating area to relax on. With 200Mb wi-fi and in internet and USB charging port your digital needs are catered for

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The Foundry, Leeds,

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Cancellation Policy

Tenancy Cancellation and Amendments Terms & Conditions :

Standard Terms and Conditions 

1. All requests to cancel/replace tenancy must be received in writing with supporting evidence to the onsite teams no less than 14 days before the tenancy start date.

2. Applications will only be considered where the tenancy agreement has been signed by tenant and guarantor (where applicable).

3. Replacement tenants must meet our standard criteria and may be refused

4. Subletting your room is prohibited.

5. All offers are subject to availability, are not obliged to release you from your tenancy.

6. Any decision made by property provider is final and is not subject to appeal.

7. You cannot live on the property until the tenancy start date.

8. If you have signed a joint tenancy agreement, your co-tenant must also agree to the cancellation/amendment of the tenancy.

9. Any cashback or incentives will be cancelled with your tenancy, you will not be entitled to any full or part payout of these offers.

10. New or Replacements tenancies must be signed within 7 days of issue.

11. You will be required to repay any cashback that has been paid if you cancel or change your booking, this will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

12. A £50 administration charge will apply (7 day cooling off period & Special circumstances exempt).

13. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before you can be released from the tenancy.

14. If your request to cancel / amend is not approved, you will remain liable for the full tenancy agreement.

15. You will remain liable for the whole tenancy if you fail to inform us of your need to cancel after the tenancy start date.

16. Deposit refunds due will be refunded, minus deductions, no more than 30 days from the end of your tenancy.

17. The instalment due dates will remain unchanged.

18. All tenancies start on a Saturday unless stated otherwise on your tenancy agreement.

19. Standard cancellation policy will apply for requests received after the tenancy start date.

20. Normal check out inspection will apply, and any reinstatement costs will need to be paid prior to your move.

21. Reserves the right to amend or remove this offer without prior notice. 

In addition to our standard terms and conditions the following apply 

Cancel booking during ‘Cooling Off Period’ 

1. If you cancel within the 7-day cooling off period, we will not charge you and will return your deposit to you within 30 days of cancellation.

2. Once you receive confirmation you will no longer be liable for the contractual obligations set out in the Tenancy Agreement. 

Cancel Booking After 7-Day cooling off period 

1. If the replacement tenant is after your tenancy start date, we will release you from your obligations from the start date of the new tenancy.

2. You will be liable for any rent due, from your tenancy start date up to the new tenancy start date.

3. Your co-tenant must also meet the cancellation criteria and sign a new agreement within 7 days of your request to cancel or you will both be liable for the tenancy obligations.

4. If you fail to arrange a suitable replacement tenant, you will remain liable for the full agreement.

5. If you have occupied the room prior to the new tenant, normal check out inspection will apply, and any reinstatement costs will be retained from your deposit.

6. If your request to cancel is approved before your check in date with no supporting evidence or replacement tenant your full deposit will be withheld. Notice to cancel must be received in writing at least 7 days prior to your tenancy start date. 


1. If you fail to obtain the required grades you are required to Email the onsite team within 72 hours of you receiving your notification, including your UCAS notification confirming your grades.

2. If your UK Visa Application is denied you are required to Email the onsite team within 72 hours of you receiving your Visa notification, including your Visa refusal documentation.

3. Deposit will be refunded, and booking cancelled providing your request and evidence is received within specified timescale.

4. Deposits will be retained in full if, you fail to provide suitable evidence within the specified timescales. 

Travel Restrictions 

1. Supporting evidence must be in the form of an official government email or statement. 

Tenancy Release – Special circumstances 

1. Each request made under special circumstances will be reviewed on an individual case.

2. The request must be made by the tenant unless they are incapacitated in which case an application can be made by a parent/guardian or a person holding a recognised Power of Attorney.

3. Requests will not be considered if the account is in arrears, unless in extenuating circumstances detailed in our policy.

.Moving Rooms 

1. Any additional rent due for the semester must be paid in full before the move is completed. Your account will be adjusted to the new amount owed for future payments.

2. All room moves are subject to rent accounts being fully up to date.