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561A Bristol Road,, Selly Oak, Birmingham
B29 6AR
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About The Halls

Host Student Apartments accommodation is a modern and stylish place situated in the heart of Birmingham's student district, Sally Oak. The location for host student apartments halls has been chosen with great care to ensure that the students can get to their universities, places of part-time work and other social spaces with ease, making their time at university a pleasant one. In fact, one of the most popular retail destinations in the United Kingdom, the Bullring, is situated not very far from Host Student Apartments.

Host Student Apartments accommodation is made up of modern and stylish and studio spaces including deluxe ensuite apartments and premium studios. All of these places have been designed keeping the student lifestyle in mind. Each one of these rooms has large and comfy beds, designated study areas complete with desks and chairs, large wardrobes and drawers to store your valuables and access to fully equipped kitchens where the students can prepare fresh and healthy meals from scratch. The private bathrooms in these spaces are also well-designed and luxurious so that you can get ready for your day at your own pace and not have to wait for anyone else to get ready.

The many facilities offered includes high-speed internet in the form of a Wi-Fi connection that extends throughout the property. The security of the space is also taken care of with the help of CCTV coverage and on-site security. An in-house laundry has also been provided to ensure that the students don’t have to travel too far in search of freshly clean clothes. Apart from indoor spaces like common rooms and games rooms where the students can gather and spend quality time together the accommodation also has an outdoor courtyard with which the students can sit and relax.
Onsite Security
Outdoor Courtyard

Deluxe En-suite

From £195

3/4 double bed Large desk and chair Spacious wardrobe Drawers Bedside table Shared kitchen En-suite Microwave Free wired internet (100Mb) Free Wi-Fi (up to 100Mb shared)

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Premium Studio

From £242

3/4 double bed Large desk and chair Spacious wardrobe Drawers Bedside table Open plan kitchen En-suite Microwave Free wired internet (100Mb) Internet Free Wi-Fi (up to 100Mb shared)

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About Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the most vibrant cities in the United Kingdom and is home to people from all over the world. You will find a diverse population made up of different races, religions, colours and creeds of people who have come here throughout history to make Birmingham their home. When you come here you will be able to experience a multitude of cultures in the food, festivities, languages, architecture of the place. Birmingham has a lot to offer in the form of shopping opportunities, museums and galleries, places of worship and much more. If you are an outdoors enthusiast you will enjoy living in Birmingham thanks to its many parks, gardens and outdoor spaces.

Students can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Birmingham through its many clubs, pubs, restaurants and theatres. No matter what kind of interest you have, Birmingham has something to offer to everyone. Since the place is also well-connected to the rest of the country, getting to major cities like Manchester, Liverpool and London do not take more than a few hours! You can also fly to other destinations across Europe with ease and take your time exploring the entire continent. Since the city of Birmingham is so huge, we are sure that you will find plenty of places to discover new hobbies and people!
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Do you need a guarantor?

Without a UK rental guarantor, most landlords and agents will require you to pay the full year's rent upfront. We have partnered with Housing Hand who can provide you with a certificate of rental guarantee.

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* Please note that additional charges apply for this service.

Cancellation Policy

Our Guarantee to all International Students.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Booking Information for 2020/21      

We fully understand that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 at the moment and possible consequent travel restrictions. If you book a room for September 2020 today, but are then disallowed from travelling to the UK due to the relevant  Government travel restrictions, exclusively as a result of Covid-19 and therefore no longer require the room, you will be released from your booking – see below Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions: 

 • This guarantee is open to all international students applying for higher education in the UK for the 2020/21 academic year.  

 • If an applicant is disallowed from travelling to the UK exclusively as a result of Covid19, they need to provide evidence from either the UK Government or from the  Government where you live confirming this advice (in English). This must be provided to the Host no later than 1st August 2020.  

• On production of the relevant Government confirmation (in English), the applicant's booking will be cancelled in full, with a full refund of any 2020/21 rental payments made.

• All applicants wishing to take up this option need to contact the accommodation where they placed their booking directly in order to activate this Guarantee.

• Any applicants who do not provide evidence by the dates outlined above, will be held to their tenancy agreement and will be liable for all contractual charges. 

• Email confirmation will be sent to all students that are accepted onto this guarantee once they have paid advance rent and confirmed their guarantor details where applicable. 

• Please note in the case of dual occupancy both parties must be eligible for this guarantee in order for it to apply. 

• Please note that if you cancel the room and rebook, the room may not be available, and the price may be revised in August and September 2020. 

• These terms and conditions are correct as of 25th March 2020 but the property provider reserves the right to change them or remove this guarantee at any time without prior notice.